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Street Fighter II V Universe

Departure: An Invitation to San Francisco

The Street Fighter II Victory story begins on Mikunai Island. An old man is chopping down trees on the island. As one of the trees begins to fall, he spots Ryu coming up the path, right in the way of the tree.Hey! The old man runs down there to see if Ryu is alright. And also yells at him for always being in the way of fallings trees.

A young girl pulls up in her boat, her name is Rinko. She has a letter with her addressed to Ryu and is bringing lunch to her grandfather. She drops the lunch off and goes to find Ryu, who is out training. Ryu is pounding the hell out of a tree on a cliff ledge. Rinko tells Ryu that she made his favorite, meatloaf. She then hands Ryu the letter, and teases him saying it is probably from one of his blonde girlfriends in the US. Ryu says it's probably from Ken. She then gets a little worried, thinking that Ryu has a boyfriend.

- Over Lunch -

Over lunch, Ryu opens the letter, it's from Ken. The letter is short and brief. "Come to America -- Ken". At this point Ryu is uncertain as to whether he is going to go or not. Rinko's grandfather tells Ryu, that he must go. He explains how trees need water in order to grow. Ryu is like a tree and this trip and his friend are the water to make him grow. Shortly there after Ryu is leaving the island. Before he leaves Rinko gives him her bracelet. "As a good luck charm, you dummy!", she says. As the boat leaves with Ryu she tells her grandfather that she does not think Ryu will ever come back.

- At the Airport -

Ryu's plane lands in San Francisco. Yes off course he flew JAL. Ryu admires a few American sites. Namely two young girls in short jean shorts. Ken meets up with him and they go out to the car. Ryu walks out of the airport, Ken tells him to get in. A huge black limo is there for them. Ryu can't get over how big it is. Ken's family is rich, in case you didn't know. The limo eventually enters into what appears to be a park to Ryu. He asks Ken if that is where they are. Ken laughs and tells him they are driving through his backyard. The house is 20 miles away.

- The Arrival -

All of the Master's servants are lined up outside awaiting Ken and Ryu's arrival. Ken tells them, "Everyone, this is my friend from Japan, take good care of him". Ryu introduces himself and bows to everyone. As they step inside the mansion, Ken's dog spots Ryu and begins to growl. Ryu opens his arms wide and calls to the dog. The dog charges, everyone gets a nervous look on their face. The dog topples into Ryu and licks him savagely!

Along the way to Ken's room, they stop to admire Ken's dad's armor japanese armor collection. Ryu recalls that Ken's mom is Japanese. Ken's room is huge. Ryu remarks that its the size of his entire house. As Ryu looks around the room he spots a large group of trophies. He tells Ken that he is very impressed. Ken explaims to him that it's really nothing. He compliments Ryu by saying how there is no one like Ryu at these tournaments. Ken then takes him outside to show him something. They walk over a bridge and come to a japanese dojo. Ryu's eyes light up. It's an exact replica of the dojo they trained at when they were younger. Ryu has a flash back of the two of them training together.

As Ryu admires all the exactness of the dojo, Ken goes and changes into something a little more comfortable, his gi. He tosses a gi at Ryu and says, "So how about a match, Ryu?". Ryu gladly agrees. The two spar for a bit and then wind up wrestling on the ground laughing. Ken decides to give Ryu a wedgie. The two laugh and Ryu remarks that Ken is just like a little kid.

- Dinner with Ken's Parents -

Ken's parents arrive from the President's birthday party. At dinner time Ryu hits it off very well with Ken's parents. They tell him to stay as long as he likes. Ryu can't believe the amount of food there is on the table. He literally pigs out. After dinner, the two go back to Ken's room. Ryu flops down on the bed stuffed from all the food he ate. Ken then asks if Ryu is ready to go out.

- San Francisco, Mt Fuji Bar -

Ken and Ryu are riding around on Ken's harley. A group of army guys and their girlfriends fly by them, shouting for Ken to get out of the way. Ken gets pissed at this and takes off after them. Eventually they stop in front of Mt Fuji bar and go in. Ken and Ryu pull up and Ryu questions whether Ken really wants to go in there. As they walk in the bouncer quickly gets in front of them. The bouncer tells them that they should go somewheres else. Ken tells him that they are old enough to be in the bar.Ken and Ryu's ID card When the bouncer gets mad and asks for ID, Ken flips out a $100 dollar bill. The two get inside. Ken spots the army guys and their girlfriends over at a table. Ken begins to walk over to their table. Ryu asks Ken what he is going to do. Ken smiles and says, "You'll see what I'm up to, its been a long time since the two of us were together.". Ken asks if he can have a word with one of the guy's girlfriends. He leans over to her and whispers something in her ear. She obviously liked what he said. She gets up and the two walk over to the bar. Her boyfriend's buddies start getting him all mad, teasing him about how he lost his girl to some kid. Ken tells him "The lady prefers my company. It can't be helped.". Her boyfriend is pissed and charges Ken. Ken elbows him and a fight ensues. Ken tells Ryu it has been so long since the two of them were together, now its time to rock n'roll. The two kick ass in the bar taking out all the army guys. They are relaxing at the bar when the door opens up. A shadowy figure stands in the doorway...Who can it be

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