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Welcome to the video vault! This is where you actually get to watch clips of your favorite series "V." One note before we proceed, you'll need the Real Player to play these files. Get this, the Real Player is free! Totally free so go download it now!

Got it! Now all you have to do is clip on the clip you want to watch and it will play in real time! Pretty cool huh! I hope to get more video files soon! Anyone got any? If you have one please first inform me that you have one and then mail it to me! It doesn't matter which format... Mov, Avi, Rm... it doesn't matter, I have purchased the right utilities to convert.

Maybe I should nag Ken because he has the TV equipment and stuff... eh... maybe not! Ken is a busy little guy!

Street Fighter II V Opening Sequence

I bought the first volume of Manga Entertainment's version of "V." I was dissapointed 'cuz they changed the opening and the music (I heard from someone that they used Kaze Fuiteru in tape 3). Well here is the original opening for the first season of Street Fighter II V.

Street Fighter II V Opening Sequence
Ryu Versus Enemy

Remember bet on Ryu! This is in Kowloon Castle, a very dangerous place in Hong Kong. Chun-Li, Ryu, and Ken go there because they (Ryu & Ken that is) want to be stronger and face the world's challenges!

Ryu Versus Enemy

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