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Street Fighter 2 V is actually a good Anime! Honestly.... no kidding! Why!? Good animation, and good music. Of course why did I make such a page? Well simply, there was no good page on Street Fighter II V on the net. Besides Ken's and mine there are none that are comprehensive.

I felt that such a great series deserves a great page. So, thus I tried to do that. The plot for Street Fighter II V starts out slow but it does get better as you watch. It begins with Ryu going to America, he had recently received a letter from San Francisco. From who?? Ken Masters! (Ken's last name is actually Masters! Weird but... it works. In this Anime, Ken is a rich and spoiled (Yet cool!) 17 year old well anyhow.... Ryu receives the letter from Ken. At first he doesn't want to go but then Ryu decides to go. He meets Ken and then they drive over to Ken's home (A mansion... Kakoii!). Ryu is shocked due to the fact the Ken's backyard is bascially a big park; forest. Ken introduces Ryu to everyone, his family, etc. After a gigantic feast Ken and Ryu decides to go to a "Bar." Due to the fact that both of them are only 17, Ken has to pay the guard to get in. Ken goes in and finds this girl he really likes and decides to pick her up. The person she was dating gets mad and starts attacking Ken. Ken kicks their butts as you can guess, then comes.... Guile. He sees that everyone in the bar has been beat up by Ken. Ryu decides to challenge Guile but gets beat up. Guile leaves, saying that Ryu is a "Brave boy." The next day Ken decides to have revenge and goes to the military base and challenge Guile. Guile then beats up Ken.

You find Ken and Ryu in a another room again. Ryu tells Ken that they aren't the best in the world and that there are more good fighters around the world and thus they decide to travel around the world to learn new techniques. First destination, Hong Kong (I want to go there too! But I have no mula). They first arrive at the hotel where Ken finds out that the hotel is actually booked solid and that the only available room would be their luxiourious penthouse. Ken says that he'll take the penthouse but the innkeeper feels very suprised because the penthouse costs $20,000 a night!!! Ken takes it (Because he's rich). At first the innkeeper thinks that he's joking and that a "Little Kid," (Remember they are only 17 years old which in the Orient would be refered to as a kid) would be able to pay for the expenses after calling up Ken's credit card company he finds out that Ken can afford it and that he then he was like.. "..... Uh... Bellboy Escort these two to the penthouse." It appears that the penthouse even has it's own elevater. After they go to their penthouse they decide to go skinny-dipping (Is that how you call swimming in a swimming pool naked??) in the pool. After doing that they decide to call up someone to give them a tour. It seems that Chun-Li is the tour guide!! With suspense, action, and interesting plot this series really kick butt! Look for this series, it's worth it! For even more indepth look at Street Fighter II V check out the episode guides.

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