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Here they are in painstaking detail, all 29 episode guides for the Street Fighter II V animated series, written by Ken Masters. Hey I know let's have a contest!!! Yeah! Look now, I've watched all the episodes and paid particular detail to all the scenes. Are you up for the Akuma Challenge? Email me all the locations that you can spot Akuma in! Since I guess I need a prize, to give away...The winner will receive a picture from any part in the series that they like! How's that? Be specific as well, when you tell me where Akuma was. I want to know what he was doing in each scene. The guides below are obviously SPOILERS so be warned. BUT they DO NOT tell you where Akuma is...You'll have to buy the series when it is released in the U.S.

These episodes guides are based on what Ken and I saw in the original Japanese version, not the American verision!

  1. Departure. An Invitation to San Francisco
  2. Mr. AirForce Exploding. Incredible Military Combat
  3. Destination Hong Kong
  4. Escape from Kowloon Castle
  5. Fei Long, the Hot Blooded: Filming a Super Action Movie
  6. Unveiling the Secret Power: Spiritual Energy, The Incredible Power Wave
  7. The Revenge of the Ashura Gang: Attack of the Mui Thai Assasins
  8. The Thailand jail: The Pride of Ryu
  9. The Great Star of Mui Thai: The Grim Prison Symphony
  10. The Sign of Darkness: The True Shadow Rules
  11. The Beasts are Coming: The Monks Advice to the Young Men.
  12. The Phantom of the Mind: The Demon who Lives Inside One's Mind
  13. The Natural Energy Wave: The Secret of the Natural Energy Wave.
  14. The Bloodthirsty Prince: Obsession with Beauty. Danger for Chun-Li!
  15. The war of the Two Heroes. A Battle for Life, Pride, and the Princess.
  16. The True Ruler Appears: The Horrible Conqueror begins to Plot.
  17. The Order of the Tyrant: The Conspiracy, that Snuck Up.
  18. The Beautiful Assassin with Green Eyes and an Evil Cross.
  19. The Iron Man with the Secret Mission: The Ultimate Rescuers are Dispatched.
  20. The Hidden Power of the Blast! The Unimaginable Power of the Body!
  21. Forced Submission: The Computer Chip that Controls the Mind
  22. The Dragon Punch Leaps: The Ultimate Anger! The Awakening Energy Wave!
  23. Icy Eyes: The Fighters Possessed by Evil.
  24. The Nightmarish Reunion: The Painful Call of the Controlled Mind.
  25. Death Match Part I: The Ultimate Triple Battle!
  26. Death Match Part II: Final Words from a Best Friend About to Die!
  27. Death Match Part III: Super Energy Wave Crush!
  28. Death Match Part IV: The Master Vega: The Ultimate Power of Destruction!
  29. Death Match:The Final Battle!

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