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Street Fighter 2 V CD (CD-396)

CD Cover
To your left is the cover of this CD, though the cover is a bit unprofessional with the design, nevertheless the music is superb! Though there are only 4 songs here from the "V" series and the rest from the Animated Movie, I must say that the music here is absolutely superb!

Anyhow, this is an awsome CD with music from both Street Fighter 2 V and Street Fighter 2: The Animated Movie! Before you say whoa, this CD is really filled with "Cry." Please note that there are two songs named "Cry" in this CD. One song "Cry" is the ending theme for Street Fighter 2 V in the beginning season. The second "Cry" was from the Street Fighter 2: Animated Movie. Cry was background music right before the battle between Vega & Chun-Li.

Below are the names of the songs on the CD:

List Of Tracks

The first season opening and closing theme for Street Fighter 2 V were on the CD twice. The first two vocal and the other two karaoke. The CD also includes the opening & closing theme for the Street Fighter 2: Animated Movie!! Really worth the money to buy it!

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Street Fighter 2 V BGM CD (TOCT 9195)

CD Cover

In my opinion this is the most boring CD I've heard. I guess it's because the background music goes well with conversation! For diehard fans people should buy this for the "Pretty Pictures!"

Probably the biggest problem I see with this CD is that it doesn't include all the music from "V." I have seen the whole series and some of my favorite BGM aren't in there!

Such as the music that comes on before an episode, or the time when Ryu and Ken went to Hong Kong.

A big dissapointment, but nevertheless the CD is a item for people who watched the original "V" series!

Below are the names of the songs on the CD:

List Of Tracks

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